Negri family, ancient nobility, "A name who serves the community of Fisciano", the town where lived several generations. The baron Louis built his family summer residence in Gaiano , a hamlet of Fisciano, in 1831, in the old building still on top of the village: his son Antonio Negri was mayor of Fisciano for many years and worked for the welfare of the village, bringing the water, on his own expenses, in Gaiano and donating his second building Negri, to the city of Fisciano, now the Town Hall. The main square of Gaiano was dedicated to him. Baron Antonio, namesake of his father and grandfather, despite having significant roles in the film industry at the time of the "Dolce Vita", never forgot the family land and contributed to the transformation of the country from the ancient vineyards to the current crop of hazelnuts.
The conversion of the ground and the first mechanization of harvesting qualified themselves land and labor.
In 1995 his daughter Monica, the only heir of the Negri property, at the death of her father, decided to restructure, with love and attention for details, the old farmhouse, " The Court ", which reign all the farm, transforming it in a charming agriturismo, named after his father, in his memory.