The old mansion of baronial family Negri extends around the agriturismo, the Court, for 12 hectares from which 8 hectares are organic hazelnuts, surrounded by ancient chestnut and walnut trees, vineyard, orchard and garden.

Around the agriturismo you can lose yourself in the colors and scents of our garden, divided into many corners, even on different floors, full of flowering plants and flowers, from azaleas to hydrangeas, from daisies to geraniums, from jasmine to iris, from agapanthus to aloe.
Above all, in our garden, we are proud of our special and precious antique roses, grown by us, at different angles of sunshine and humidity, with the constant support and loving care of the producer, Carmine Palmese of Domicella.
You can admire the beautiful Aimèe Vibert, the lush Banksiae Lutea, which is widening the pergola, the fragrant Cornelia, the strong but delicate Li Jang Rose Mme Isaac Pereire and the May Queen, soft and light as peonies.

Gallery Rose Gallery

Our garden features a delightful pool, reserved only for guests of the rooms, around which you will find a sauna, a food court and a large barbecue, for pleasant evening’s barbecues with music and dancing.

Sauna and Scottish shower
In a small wooden house, around the pool, there are a Finnish sauna with a wood stove and a Scottish shower for an especially relax after returning from a stressful day of sightseeing the archaeological or landscapes areas in the surroundings.


From our garden arrive directly on the tables of the restaurant, for our customers, genuine products, according to the season: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, salads, peppers, herbs, pumpkins, broccoli, potatoes and onions.

In the small, ancient vineyard, there is a mix of grapes accumulated over time, from which we draw a small quantity of red wine for those who love the wine as once was made.


Monica Negri has always loved the animals, and for the delight of her guests, especially the children, treats with daily affection, in comfortable log cabins, the donkey, Serafina, the goats, the deers, the chickens, the ducks and the rabbits.

In particular, after breakfast, together with the guests children bring feed and hay to the quadrupeds and carrots to the rabbits.


In our around 7000 hazelnut plants we cultivate the well-known Giffoni IGP hazelnut, a sweet and round hazelnut of Campania, wherewith we flavor our salt dishes such as risotto with pumpkin, mushrooms and sprinkle of hazelnuts or sweet dishes, such as negrella (caprese cake) or crunchy macaroons.